Best and worst online casino games you should know

Gambling is a common activity which most people do at free time. Usually, people play casino games on their phone or laptop when they are bored. This activity is not done just for fun but apart from fun, there are chances of making real money by playing casino games. So, if you go to online casino sites to play games then check first that which game is offering you higher odds. You can spend wisely on those games and make money.

In this post, we have listed the best and worst online casino games.

Casino games with good odds-

  1. Blackjack– this is an easy card game with the element of skill. The odds of winning in this game are not bad. Players play against the dealer and more than one person can play at a time however all of them have to beat only the dealer. A player whose hand comes nearest to 21 wins. To win this game you need luck as well as a few skills.
  2. Roulette- it is a wheel numbered 1-36 on it and numbers are written with black and red. Only number 0 is in green. The roulette dealer spins a wheel and there is a ball which falls on any of these numbers. You can bet on whether the ball will fall on black or red piece, the odds here are 50/50.
  3. Crap- it is a table game which is played with dice. The shooter rolls the dice and players wagers on outcomes of the roll. The first roll is also called coming out, shooters have to hit 7-11 on the first roll to win If shooter roll on other numbers than it is called point. The shooter has to hit point before rolling to 7-11 so as to win the game.

Casino games with worst odds-

  1. Wheel of fortune or big six wheel– in this game, you bet on whether the wheel will rest on segment labeled as $1, $5, $10, $20 or on a joker. The segment on which the wheel rest will be the amount you will win. Placing a bet of $1 has best odd to win with 11% edge for the house however the payout is worst. Joker offers 36x payout however has 24% edge of the house.       
  2. Slot- player put money in a slot machine and pull the lever to spin the wheel. Your wins or loses depending on where the wheel is landing. There are various odds of winning in slot games and the odds are usually printed on each slot machine, hence it is necessary that you read them before you start playing.                                                                                                                                                                  

These are some of the best and the worst online casino games. We hope that you will play games which have good odds of winning and make good money. It is fun to take challenges but it is not fun to lose your money again and again so if you wish to win instead of losing money make good choices of casino games.